About Me

I started this blog in order to put all the resources I’ve discovered whilst researching my thyroid problem into one place.  The more I read about this condition, the more annoyed I get about a lot of things, mainly the sheer blinkered mentality of most of the mainstream medical profession.

It all started off fairly innocuously.  I’d been feeling off colour for a while and had the feeling that something just wasn’t right.  My workouts and fitness regime had been interrupted with increasing frequency by fatigue and it had got to the stage where I had to more or less give over one full day at the weekend for resting and sleeping, despite the fact that the intensity of my workouts hadn’t really increased.  I just figured that maybe I was coming down with something or other.  My stock phrase/excuse became “my immune system must be busy fighting something off” until, one day, I saw a posting on Facebook saying “10 signs your thyroid may be in trouble”.  So I had a read.  I like educating myself and being aware of lots of different things.  This one hit me between the eyes when I read the list of symptoms.  It could have been written about me.  I decided to do a little more research

Since August 2015 I have been reading and researching every day to try and get to the bottom of my health issues.  Each individual thing in itself wasn’t really that serious but when I started to put everything together, a rather alarming picture started to emerge.  The more information I uncovered, the more the picture started to clear and I started to get a little bit cross.

This part of my blog will contain links to various articles and studies that I’ve uncovered, as well as chronicling my journey to better health.  I hope that someone out there may find that the information I’m posting is of use and if it only turns the light on for one person I’ll be happy to have helped.

This is all a work in progress and I’ll be pulling links from various places, as much for myself as anyone else.  If you find a link that doesn’t work, please let me know.


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