Holiday Benefits

I’ve spent two weeks away on holiday in the US.  I was worried before we left that I wouldn’t be able to cope with the touristy type stuff and would be permanently knackered but I packed up all my medication and supplements carefully to make sure I didn’t forget anything (the number of bottles and containers is becoming rather legion) and made sure that my syringes and B12 ampoules were safely ensconced and well padded in my suitcase.

The first thing I noticed was when I was humping the suitcases into the car.  A year ago, I’d have just grabbed them and hoisted them in without a second thought.  20kg of suitcase really wasn’t something I’d consider to be particularly heavy but I struggled that first day.  I guess that’s when I first realised how much things have gone downhill in the last year.

Doing without sleep for 24 hours or so also isn’t particularly advisable when your health isn’t that great.  I could feel my temper rising seriously quickly at every little setback.  What really didn’t help was the hotel bed the night before the flight out.  My sister and I both woke up and got out of bed looking like old women: stiff and sore.

Another thing that really didn’t help was contracting a Norovirus the day after we arrived.  My guess is that I got it on the plane – not the healthiest of environments, being packed into a metal tube with 400+ other people of unknown health status.

So the endless trips to the bathroom resulted in calling out the doctor in the middle of the night and a rather large medical bill.  I then slept for 24 hours and missed Wednesday.  I was told that I’d feel bad for 2-3 days but on Thursday morning I woke up, resolved to visit Reviv at the MGM Grand and “treat” myself to an IV infusion.  We got up there by bus and I don’t really remember the trip, so can’t have really been feeling that great, they hooked me up with an IV and half an hour later I became me again.

That lasted for about a week and we walked up to 9 miles a day doing the tourist thing.  Nobody could be more surprised than me, but by the end of the second week I was flagging again.  We had paced ourselves quite well – we didn’t go for it every single day and made sure we got plenty of sleep (sis is also suffering a B12 deficiency) and we had the occasional “rest” day where we didn’t do anything strenuous.  I opted for another vitamin infusion at the end of the second week as I really didn’t want to waste the last day or be half dead on the trip home and, once again, I was human again after 30 minutes in the chair and a 2mg B12 booster shot.

I would love to be able to afford one of these infusions even once a fortnight but the cost in £ is over double the cost in $ (nearly 3 times in fact) and there isn’t anywhere closer than about 35 miles to where I live so I guess I’ll have to content myself with self injecting B12 daily for the time being.



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