Sleep and Restlessness

I love my Fitbit.  I’ve had one for about three and a half years now in various forms.  I started off with the old Fitbit Ultra, lost it (twice), had it replaced for the Fitbit One and now (thanks to my Nectar points) have replaced it with the Charge HR.  One of the things I like about the Charge is that I no longer have to remember to press the activity/sleep button at night as it detects when I stop moving and calculates my sleep time for me.  This worked quite well up until last night.

I’ve got my appointment with the endocrinologist at the hospital today and although I can’t say I’m nervous about it, I’m certainly not doing a jig of excitement at the prospect of being told there’s nothing wrong with me and that the results of my blood tests are “normal”.  So I have to tuck my strong and assertive persona into my handbag and make sure it’s well in place in case it’s needed which I strongly suspect it will be.

My Fitbit, however, tells me I’m more concerned than I thought.  I got up this morning and checked my data, only to see the Fitbit app asking me if I’d forgotten to log my sleep.  Um … no.  The inbuilt algorhithm sees you’ve been still for an hour and calculates your sleep accordingly – marvellous!  Except that obviously didn’t happen last night so I checked it had synced – it had.  Bugger.  That means I had to log the sleep manually.  Now I have to remember what time I went to bed.

Once I’d remembered I entered the times and looked to see what happened.  24x restless.  Not good.  I can see the pager went off just before 5am (which accounts for the pink block around that time) but the rest of it doesn’t look good.  Now I know that wearing the device on my wrist probably shows up more overnight movement than it should (and certainly more than when I used to wear the old One on the neck of my PJs but this record certainly doesn’t look like a good night’s sleep 😦


Let’s get today over with shall we?



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