Endocrinology Surprise

I had my first appointment with the endocrinologist today.

I went in armed to the teeth with lists, charts, test results and a head full of commentary and potential rebuttals for any stupidity on the consultant’s behalf (of which I anticipated much).

I was blindsided by co-operation!

After the initial routine stuff carried out by one of the nurses (height, weight, blood pressure and urine test) I was ushered into the consultant’s office slightly early (yes, really!).  He was pleasant with a firm handshake (I do judge people by their handshakes).  He sat me down and asked me to tell him what had been going on.

I have to admit that I was more than a little taken aback at the attitude and all my prepared speeches and documents went out of the window so I missed telling him a few things.  That said, he checked the blood test and cortisol saliva results.  He seemed to expect to see the TPO antibodies to be elevated for Hashimoto’s and not the TgAb (really?) but he has ordered additional blood tests and is also rechecking TSH & T4.  And we all know how much use that will be don’t we?

On the list has also been added a full blood count (which my doctor did at the end of August but didn’t send any test results to the endo).  He’s also asked for ESR, prolactin, cortisol, FSH, LH, Oestradiol, vitamin D, IGF-1, U&Es and LFTs.  By the looks of things he’s checking at least some of my pituitary functionality.

So – he didn’t try to tell me it was all in my head, or that it was down to menopause, although he did ask whether I’d considered this – I said I had considered, investigated and discounted and he seemed quite happy with that.

There are a couple of potential flies in the ointment for me:  He seemed to think that it was extremely unlikely that I would be D3 or B12 deficient (despite the fact that I had mentioned my long history with PPIs and recent discovery of malabsorption) but said if taking the supplements was making me feel better then I should carry on.  Hmmm.  I suspect my second visit may be a little more fractious.

I’ll also be interested to see how long it takes for him to send a letter to the GP with the test results.


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